Cant started in January of 2001; since then, columnists have come and gone, we've been inspired and horrified, and the writing project has produced some remarkable short works, ranging from rants about Mad Science to the best way to cook a chicken.

Since we have now literally hundreds of columns available, several of our authors have chosen their favorites from their own works for you to read. So, if you are new to Cant and want to get a good feel for who we have writing here, or if you read every day and just want to skim the best stuff again, have a look at our 'Best Of' list!

Cant's "Best Of"

As Chosen by the Cantistas Themselves

by Sun Ra

7.1.2002: The Plunge A rant about how history should be taught.
4.8.2002: Wet Rocks A science fiction short story.
3.25.2002: Inferno 2.0 Updating Dante. Amusing.
11.12.01: A Spoonful of Greed A researched article about the Sugar Tariff. Honest, it's interesting. I'm rather proud of it.
9.10.01: Blood Money My take on the idea of Black Reparations. Ranty, humorous, and serious.
7.23.01: Slash Fiction About planes, and the restrooms theron. Funny.
5.21.01: Legacy Probably my favorite piece of short fiction I've done for Cant. To be honest, it's the concept that I love. The execution is good, but not worthy of the concept. Still, a good piece.
4.9.01: Spin Cycle About men, women, and their laundry. A personal favorite.
3.5.01: Slouching towards Stupidity My first really ranty column, about California's attempt to cease using standardized test in admissions. And every word is still true.

by Wanton Hussy

4.1.2002: Questions about Porn (Part 2)
3.25.2002: Questions about Porn (Part 1)
3.18.2002: Wanton Hussy's Porn Reviews and Ratings
8.6.01: Down There
6.4.01: Cervical Fluid
3.12.01: Queer Theory 201
2.12.01: A Pound (or so) of Flesh

by Harlock

8.14.2002: Tools, Useless and/or Silly
11.21.2001: On the Subject of Freedom
10.10.2001: Furry Filk Music (Horrors Of)
6.6.2001: Sweet, Sweet Candy
4.25.2001: Art, Defined
2.7.2001: Buttons
1.24.2001: Food, Feuds

by jasona

1.22.2001: Playing the Female - counter rant against male-centric gaming
2.13.2001: Dear Jasona (part I) - my first conversation with the infamous Crimson Spider
3.27.2001: Eat the Spider - a short conversation about a spider
5.15.2001: Conversations with the food chain - a short conversation with a tiger
6.12.2001: Complaints from the Grave - a rebuttal from the zombies
7.24.2001: Chrome Caballero - descriptions of an interesting fellow I met on a plane
11.27.2001: The Cold People - the problem with losing weight

by Pakeha

3.11.2001: Pong Musings about B.O.
4.1.2001: Desire It's good to be the sultan!
4.8.2001: Morning Getting the day started
6.3.2001: Patter Simple dialogue between ex-lovers
7.15.2001: Brains! Musings about lobotomies
8.5.2001: Automotive Repair Rant-alicious
8.12.2001: Assorted Coprolites My reaction to Georgie-boy's betrayal
10.14.2001: Lios and Tigers and Bears, Oh Shit! Stoopid people + carnivores
5.5.2002: Psycho The good ol' days